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Go for what you like!

In my early days I was not very good at making my own choices. Now however, I have learned to listen to myself and my gut feeling, decide and choose what I like instead of what others fancy. I guess this also comes with the age...... I now live after this rule; if I like it, I take it, if I don't, I leave it! If you have this rule I guess it is hard to go wrong.

An example on this is when I choose colours.

Weeks ago I was ordering some jewellery parts from a eastern supplier when I came across some beautiful tassels. I didn't have any plan on how to use them in my design, but I ended up ordering 7 different colours. Colours that I like and I fancy.

After some days they arrived and I put them away and nearly forgot about them. That was when I had the chance to buy these adorable shells that my friends son collected on a holiday in Goa. I started my design of long boho necklaces and found a way that could work for the tassels. I finished the work with my necklaces and put them on display. I had an event going on at the time and decided to wear a aquarelle coloured dress I purchased years ago. Big surprise when I saw the matching colours of my dress and the necklaces!!

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