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Unique bracelets made of absolutely beautiful smooth natural Amazonite gemstones (10 mm) and a16K gold plated sanded bead. Colours in golden and aqua tones, all different and unique.

High quality elastic cord for jewellery making. 


I named it Marbella after the lovely town where I so often visit.


S (wrist of about 15 cm)

M (wrist of about 16 cm)

L (wrist of about 17 cm)

XL (wrist of about 19 cm)


The size measurment is tight fit.




Amazonite bracelet with a golden bead

  • BohoBellaMar beaded bracelet is made from high quality materials. These materials are often cut from natural sources and the use of hairsprays, lotions, colognes or perfumes can alter the natural state of the materials used. For this reason my bracelets are highly sensitive to water and wearing them while sleeping, showering, exercising, or in a pool or sauna should be avoided. These elements can weaken the elastic cord that holds the bracelet together and can contribute to breakage in the future if not cared for properly.

    To ensure the longevity of your BohoBellaMar beaded bracelet, ROLL the bracelet on or off your arm, rather than pull, stretch or tug on the beads.To maintain the beauty of our beaded bracelets clean with a white cloth.

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